The quest for the perfect smile has been growing year after year.
Everybody is seeking a brighter smile with white teeth but how?

– In case of malocclusion mild or severe crowding teeth we start with orthodontic treatment, with braces.
– In case of gammy smile, we need a smile lift surgery, to elevate the gum level, and show the teeth bigger.

Once we have good alignement we can whiten teeth by whitening or bleaching.
2 major whitening options are available today:
– In office whitening: This protocol involves
carefully controlled use of a relatively high concentration peroxide gel, applied to the teeth by the dentist after the gums have been protected the peroxyde remains on the teeth up to one hour.
– Professionally disponsed take-home whitening kits:
These Kits incorporate an easy to use lower concentration peroxide gel that remains on the teeth for an hour or larger (Sometimes overnight)
– The Hollywood smile: It consist on bonding of veneers or thin shells or layers on the front surfaces of the teeth.
These veneers allow to change the length, width, color and shape of tooth. We have here three kinds of veneers:
– Composite veneers: They depend on the dentist skills and are bonded directly to the teeth in one session.
– Porcelaine veneers: They need to prepare the teeth by trimming and taking impressions to be sent to the laboratory. It takes around 3 sessions.
– Lumineers veneers: Lumineers cerinate porcelain can accommodate minimal reduction or no reduction preparations.

So to choose the best for your smile it is better to take the advise of your dentist.

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